Monday, November 2, 2009

Back home!

Whew! Made it back this morning (eeearrrlyy flight) and am just sitting down to reconnect with email, this blog etc. It's funny because I am probably the only person in the world who doesn't have a "portable electronic device" outside my just-phone cell phone. I'm holding out a little longer.
Anyhow, the conference was great! I came back with more than just the nifty Halloween-orange tote bag. :) I have to write up a more formalized report for the scholarship that I can post a version of, but I'll share some preliminary thoughts. It's very energizing to hear what other folks are doing, and though it's across disciplines visual and performing (and a couple of cultural like natural sci museums) it's still nice to be speaking the same language. The nonprofit conference I attended a few years ago wasn't in the same scope (though SDC is still smaller than a lot of the orgs present at this conference--not all) and with a very different mission. Some good ideas on what all these technological changes mean, and a nice take on the fact that no one actually knows for sure yet, so you might as well experiment/get creative (which is what we do as artists right?)

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