Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DanceATL meeting article

Ok, this seems really weird, like I'm quoting myself and creating some sort of self-referential internet loop. But I've been posting links to Cynthia Bond Perry's articles, and this is about DanceATL. I guess it's just sort of a disclaimer that you'll see me quoted because I worked with Cynthia to update the article on the DanceATL meeting. I did take notes from the panel because someone on Facebook had suggested the notes be posted for those who couldn't make it. Apparently I already have managed to misquote Mr. Kent, but Ms. Perry is correcting it and then you'll never even know it was wrong (on nice thing about this fluid medium online!) Anyhow, it's not news for those of you who could make it out last Sunday, but for those who couldn't, you'll get an overview. Thanks to Cynthia for the coverage!

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