Monday, February 15, 2010

Mall dancing reviewed (not by me!)

Here's Cynthia's review of the Bloom show at Lenox this weekend. I went on Saturday afternoon amidst the crowds and found some dance friends as we wandered around watching the other friends dance. It's such a funny thing to be face to face with someone you know but trying not to make them break character. (Especially with my daughter who kept pointing and saying "dancers!") I had fun watching the crowd, and as expected I heard a "what the hell?" and a very dubious "oooookaay." It also reminds me how bad the traffic is and how crowded it gets--not to ever try to go to Lenox in the afternoon on a weekend again (the last couple times I went to walk around somewhere warm with my daughter, it was pretty much when they open....much better! If you have to go at all, I recommend 10 am. Unless there's dancing, of course!)

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