Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the DanceATL and Atlanta Ballet event last night! I hope you found it insightful and stimulating. I didn't have a chance to thank everyone in my introduction last night, but I wanted to thank them here: SIDEWAYS Contemporary Dance for their beautiful performance, our guest panelists for all their intriguing thoughts about collaboration (I'll be posting notes later), Su Schwenk for moderating the panel, Atlanta Ballet and the Park Tavern for hosting in such a beautiful space, and Keif and Aly for doing all the work they've done with me in the last few months to get this thing off the ground.

If you have more questions about anything that came up for you after you went home, please comment! I'm especially interested in what you think about the format of the evening, with the performance followed by the talk and then what probably could be called "networking". And for the next meeting, who would you like to hear from about what topic? And if you thought of projects that you'd like to suggest for DanceATL to take on to help it grow and help the community grow, please comment on that as well!

Hope to see you at the next event! Until then, you can check out the Google calendar posted at (until we get the full website up, which will hopefully be sometime this summer.) And please contact us if you dont' see your performances or workshops listed!

Thanks and yay dance!

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